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About the Cemeteries

Laketon Township Cemetery is a beautiful cemetery located within walking distance to the sandy shore of Bear Lake. The cemetery offers a wide range of burial options. Burial sites are available in the Traditional In-Ground Burial Section, Cremation In-Ground Area Section, and Cremation Garden Section.

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Rules & Regulations

Cemetery Plot Monument, Marker or Memorials
  • All monuments, markers or memorials must be of stone or other equally durable composition.
  • Any large upright monuments, markers, or memorials must be located upon a suitable foundation to maintain the same in an erect position.
  • Only one monument, marker, or memorial shall be permitted per cemetery plot, with the exception of a military plaque or family monument, marker, or memorial for adjacent graves with Township approval.
  • The footing or foundation upon which any monument, marker or memorial must be placed shall be constructed by the Township at cost to the owner of the burial right per Schedule A attached.
  • Should any monument, marker, or memorial (including any that was in place before this Ordinance became effective) become unsightly, broken, moved off its proper site, dilapidated or a safety hazard, the Township shall have the right, at the expense of the owner of the cemetery plot, to correct the condition or removal. The Township shall make reasonable attempts to contact the owner of the cemetery plot prior to any such work.
  • The maintenance, repair and upkeep of a cemetery plot monument, marker, or memorial is the responsibility of the heirs or family of the person buried at that location. The Township has no responsibility or liability regarding the repair, maintenance or upkeep for any such monument, marker, or memorial.
Ground Maintenance
  • No flowers, decorations, shrubs, trees, or vegetation of any type shall be planted or placed outside of a permitted urn. Any of the foregoing items planted or placed outside of a permitted urn will be removed by the Township.
  • No shepherds hooks, fences, glass containers or any glass items are allowed to be placed in the cemetery. Any of the foregoing items placed in the cemetery will be removed by the Township.
  • One urn is permitted for each cemetery plot. The urn shall be placed on the side of the grave marker (within the grave dimensions) or directly behind the grave marker. Urn liners may be placed no earlier than April 1st and must be removed no later than November 1st of each year, or will be removed by the Township. Decorations will be permitted in urns for holidays falling outside of these dates, but only for one month prior and one month following the holiday. Veteran flags and flag holders shall be governed by the Veteran’s Administration rules and guidelines.
  • No grading, leveling or excavating within a cemetery shall be allowed without the prior permission of the Township.
  • The Township reserves the right to remove or trim any existing trees, plants or shrubs located within a cemetery in the interest of maintaining proper appearance and the use of the cemetery.
  • No mounds, bricks, blocks or any borders are allowed to be placed in the cemetery. Any of the foregoing items placed in the cemetery will be removed by the Township.
  • The Township shall have the right and authority to remove and dispose of any and all growth, emblems, displays, containers and other items that through decay, deterioration, damage or otherwise become or are unsightly, a source of litter or a maintenance problem.
  • Surfaces other than earth or sod are prohibited.
  • All refuse of any kind or nature including, but not limited to, dried flowers, wreaths, papers and plastic flower containers must be removed from the cemetery within 10 days after a burial.
  • No items of decoration of any type may be attached to, placed on, or placed in front of, the Columbariums or Columbarium niches. Items placed in violation of this rule will be removed immediately by Township.
  • Funeral flowers, containers, baskets, and easels will be allowed to be placed next to the niche, and removed and disposed of within two days or sooner if they become unsightly.
  • All inscriptions on the niche panel will be of uniform size, design and lettering style chosen and approved by the Township. Inscriptions will consist of: First and last name, middle initial, year of birth and death, and military flag for Veteran’s. Inscriptions on the niche panel will only be provided by the monument company selected by the Township at owner’s cost. All other panels or inscriptions will be removed at the niche owner’s expense.
  • Space on the niche panel will not be provided for veteran’s plaque supplied by the Federal Government.
  • Columbarium niches come in two sizes: Single Niche is 11.75” high x 11.5” wide x by 9.5” deep and a Double Niche is 10” high x 11 wide by 18” deep. Whether for one inurnment or up to four inurnments the total size of the urns cannot exceed the above measurements. It is the responsibility of the niche owner to provide the properly-sized cremation urn(s). Cremation urns may be available at the Township for purchase.


Cemetery Space Fees

Single Grave
One casket burial with up to four cremations; or up to six cremations
Cremation Area
Designated cremation area with a community headstone
Serpentine & Rectangle
Tier 1 - $1,800

Tier 2 - $1,400

Tier 3 - $1,000
Tier 1 - $2,300

Tier 2 - $1,900

Tier 3 - $1,500
Columbarium's A, B, D, & E Single Niches - up to 2 cremations
Round - Single
Tier 1 - $2,000

Tier 2 - $1,600

Tier 3 - $1,200
Tier 1 - $2,500

Tier 2 - $2,100

Tier 3 - $1,700
Columbarium C, Single Niches - up to 2 cremations
Round - Double
Tier 1 - $2,500

Tier 2 - $2,100

Tier 3 - $1,700
Tier 1 - $3,000

Tier 2 - $2,600

Tier 3 - $2,200
Columbarium C, Double Niches - up to 4 cremations
Collective space for cremains to be inserted inside the center of the Round Columbarium - Permanent

Interment/Inurnment Fees

Casket Burial - Adult
Cremation Burial*
Casket Burial - Infant

Notice About Fees

A resident is defined as a person who meets one of the following situations: Occupies a residence in Laketon Township, as proven by the State of Michigan Identification and/or Voter Registration or formerly occupied a residence in Laketon Township but moved directly from said residence to a licensed nursing facility for health/medical reasons, for no longer than 2 years.

*Additional Cremations: Any additional cremations added to an interment or inurnment will be an additional $50 per cremation.
**Overtime fee is added when the interment/inurnment begins at 3:00 p.m. or after, occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, or on a State or Federal Holiday (additional $200 for Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve).

There will be no interments/inurnments on New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas Day.

Foundation Fees: $0.30 per square inch