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About the Assessing Department

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Broad Statement Of Responsibilities

Responsible for overall direction and management of Township’s property appraisal program. Oversees identifying, inventorying, determining market values and calculating assessed valuation for all Township properties in accordance with the State Tax Commission regulations, methods and procedures to ensure fair and equitable assessments. Maintains accurate Homestead and property transfer information in compliance with applicable State laws. Also responsible for the supervision, evaluation, discipline and recommending hiring and discharge of all Assessing Department personnel.

About the Assessing Department


  1. Annual assessment notices are mailed out in February with the new values. Taxpayers may call the Assessor or Deputy Assessor to request an informal in-person review of their property, or to schedule an appointment with the March Board of Review.
  2. Requests for inspection or production of records maintained by the assessor’s office should be made by a taxpayer via phone or email Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm. Requests will be provided within 7 business days for information that is available.

Important Dates

Assessing Notice – A Notice of Assessment is sent out for each property every year at least 14 days prior to the March Board of Review. This is usually sometime in the last week of February.

March Board of Review – This board meets every year in March to hear property value appeals/protests from property owners as well as hear and act on poverty exemptions. The Board of Review shall meet on the second Monday in March for the purpose of hearing taxpayer appeals. The governing body of a Township may authorize an alternative starting date for this meeting, either the Tuesday or the Wednesday following the second Monday in March. Laketon Township holds the March Board of Review on two days, one day from 9am to 3pm and one day from 3pm to 9pm, by appointment. This is the only time you may appeal/protest your property value (SEV). If you do not appeal your value to the March Board of Review, you are not able to take your appeal to the tax tribunal.

July Board of Review – The July Board meets on the Tuesday following the third Monday in July if there is business to conduct. Only appeals regarding qualified errors of the roll and poverty exemptions are heard in July.

December Board of Review – The December Board meets on the Tuesday following the second Monday in December if there is business to conduct. Only appeals regarding qualified errors of the roll and poverty exemptions are heard in December.

Personal Property

  • Personal Property Statement — For those required to file on personal property (Those with a True Cash Value of $180,000 or more). Due to be turned into the local assessor by February each year.
  • Small Business Property Tax Exemption Affidavit — For those with a combined true cash value of less than $180,000. This form must be completed and turned into the local assessor by no later than February each year.
  • Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property Exemption Affidavit & Personal Property Combined Statement – For those that qualify. Qualifications are listed in the instructions of the document . This form must be completed and turned in to the local assessor by no later than February each year.
  • Please call assessing department for exact dates each year in February.


True Cash Value

The estimated market value of your property.

Assessed Value

One half of the true cash value. The Assessor is not permitted by State Law to set your new assessment at one-half of your purchase price. Annual changes of assessment are based on sales in the neighborhood. Your neighborhood rarely consists solely of the homes located on your street. It is your responsibility as a taxpayer to review your Property Record Card periodically to be sure you agree with all the information that is currently of record.

Taxable Value
The value capped by Proposal A that is multiplied by the millage rate to calculate your tax bill. Your taxable value can never exceed your assessed value.
Principle Residence Exemption
Residents who own and occupy a home as their principal residence may qualify for an 18 mill reduction in property taxes on the principal residence and any contiguous vacant land. Principal Residence Exemptions that are in effect January 1st of each year will stay in effect for the calendar year. The JUNE 1 and NOVEMBER 1 filing deadline for Principal Residence Exemption applies to new applications-only. You do not need to apply each year.
Property Record Card
Contains owner name and address, legal description, sales history, assessment history, picture of home, building sketch with square footage and other value-enhancing amenities. To view a copy of your property record visit

Field of Review

The Assessor is required to appraise, for tax purposes, all real and personal property within the Township. Michigan Statute requires that all property be evaluated annually based on current market conditions. This requires an inspection of each property in the Township.

The Laketon Township Assessor will be conducting a review of properties. This review will include checking the exterior measurements of all buildings and property improvements and taking current digital photographs.

The purpose of this review is to be certain that Laketon Township’s information regarding your property is complete and accurate. Our department follows the State of Michigan’s recommendation that 20% of a governmental unit be visited and inspected each year.