Laketon Township


About the Fire Department

Laketon Township provides our residents with fire protection under a contract with Muskegon Charter Township Fire Department.

In addition, the fire departments from the City of North Muskegon and White Lake Fire Authority respond to alarms within our township through a mutual aid agreement. As a result of this agreement, our residents now enjoy the lowest fire insurance rates possible for our type of community. Up until 1998, Laketon Township had a fire rating of ten (10). Due to efforts of Muskegon Charter Township’s Fire Chief and the mutual aid agreements with area fire departments, Laketon Townshipo has a fire rating of five (5) for the majority of the Township.

Special Note: There is a small area of Laketon Township that is still at a fire rating of ten (10) due to being more than five (5) road miles from any fire station. For more information on this, residents are encouraged to contact the Fire Chief.

Fire Station 1

Fire Station 2